Sherry was the mother of Jazz and Oscar and another 8 pups which we found homes for.
Sadly Oscar was killed on the road in January 2009. We still miss him.
Sherry led a full and happy life at Beechwood Lodge but died a few years ago at the age of 15.
Our first dog here was Molly who lived till the old age of 16.

Black and white dog with extra long legs. Jazz is full of fun and always jumping up, has excess energy and always wants to be walked.KIWI & JAZZ (Small)
He reminds me of a kangaroo, loves to be cuddled but his legs get in the way. Extremely affectionate and in return for plenty of attention will shower you with licks. He especially loves his tummy patted to which he will oblige by rolling over with legs splayed in the air. Jazz, does not like to be stroked on the back, and please be gentle while petting him behind the ears.

Meg is the all black Labrador cross; she came to us after the death of our lovely dog Molly who was a treasured member of our family for 16 years.
Quite simply put, Meg is a big affectionate baby, a good sort with a nice nature and an abundance of energy, she does forget how big she is.
She and Kiwi are great playmates and love tumbling around together.
A favourite pastime for them is queuing at your apartment door for breakfast, lunch or dinner whatever is going, as well as sunbathing together on our trampoline.

Kiwi is our newest rescue dog, she was being fostered by a family in Trim after being thrown out of a car window as a pup, she survived to tell the tale and my daughter heard about her while we were on holiday in New Zealand, Kiwi was our homecoming surprise, hence the name.Copy (2) of dog photos 2008 274 (Small)
Kiwi has fitted in really well with the other dogs, and is loved by all.
She may have been thrown out of a car window but she has landed on her feet with us!!!

Sadly, our dogs Molly (16) and Sherry 15 and Oscar (5) are no longer with us, but they are still missed.