Meath —Rich in Heritage
Trim visitors centre, Genealogy
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Trace your Meath ancestors in the Genealogy centre in Trim
Meath Heritage Centre, Castle Street, Trim.



Heritage card
If you are intending to visit a number of heritage sights on your visit to Ireland. It would be advisable to purchase a heritage card as this will give you great savings on the entrance fees.

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Newgrange / Bru na Boinne  Newgrange, the best known Irish passage tomb, is surrounded by a kerb of 97 stones the most impressive of which is the highly decorated entrance stone.

The mound covers a single tomb consisting of a long passage and a cross-shaped chamber. There are the remains of two smaller tombs immediately to the west of Newgrange and a least one or two to the east.

In recognition of the international importance of these monuments and the many other archaeological features in the area, the U.N.E.S.C.O has designated the Bru Na Boinne area a world heritage site.

This is a very popular visitor attraction, arriving early is advised during peak season.


Trim Castle

Used for scenes of the film ‘Braveheart’ in 1994
This wonderful castle is the heart of our heritage town.
Beautifully lit up at night –magical .
Oldest Norman castle in Europe, restored to allow guided tours of the keep and grounds giving a rare insight to life in Norman times in Ireland.

Don’t forget the Power & the Glory video available in the Visitors centre.
A walk along the river banks after will bring you through the outer buildings of interest associated with the castle

The Hill of Tara & Visitor centre.
Seat of the high kings of Ireland. At the hill of Tara, Irish Myth, legend and history are one.

Spectacular views over the Meath countryside.

It was here that St Patrick lit the pascal fire of Christianity that according to legend was seen throughout the country.

Book Of Kells
Is the most decorated illuminated manuscript to survive from early medieval period in Europe.

Created by the Columban Monks on the remote Island of Iona.

The original can be seen in Trinity College Dublin.


Yellow Steeple
One of the major landmarks in Trim takes its name from the golden colour of the stonework at sunset.

The steeple, the bell tower for the Abbey, was used as a watchtower and a place of refuge.

Tradition has it that Cromwell’s men battered down a portion of the tower.


Priory of St John the Baptist.
A hospital was founded here in the 13th century by the Crutched friars, an order to established to nurse the crusaders and redeem Christian hostages.

At the roadside is a watchtower which commanded one of the approaches to Trim.

Enjoy the self guided walking tour of the town and learn about times of old.

This driving route will take you past most of the historical places of interest, visitor attractions and picturesque towns throughout the Boyne Valley area.
The boyne valley free guide and driving route map is available at most tourist offices or accommodation providers.